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Fluent Ribbon IE 7 , buttons are greyed out on page Load


We are using Fluent Ribbon to Render Ribbon on Custom Application pages deployed in Page for Sharepoint 2010

RibbonController.Current.AddRibbonTabToPage(HomeSectionTab(), this, true);
  • Things work ok on IE 8/9 , however on IE 7 on page load all buttons on Ribbon come disabled , and same is behaviour if we user ribbon back button
    However if refresh the page (CTRL + F5) , the buttons are enabled as expected (based on TabDefinition)
We suspect commandEnabled(commandID) Method not getting called on first page load. Could you please provide any pointers help on the same.


omlin wrote Jun 26, 2012 at 9:29 AM

Will you please provide your tab definition so I could reproduce the issue?
You can attach the source file to the issue.

For my definitions, IE7 (to be precise, IE9 in IE7 emulation mode) all is fine.