Shift in multitabs


I have created a multi-tab application with fluentribbon, and added to a LayoutsPageBase in the next order:
RibbonController.Current.AddRibbonTabToPage(tab1, this, true);
RibbonController.Current.AddRibbonTabToPage(tab2, this, false);
RibbonController.Current.AddRibbonTabToPage(tab3, this, false);

where tab1.Title="M3-HRMS-1", tab2.Title="M3-HRMS-2" and tab3.Title="M3-HRMS-3"

All tabs are displayed but sorted in the next order tab3->tab1->tab2, as displayed in the video, and after I made click in the tab3 the tabs are shifted and display in the right orders.

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omlin wrote Jun 26, 2012 at 9:54 AM

I've added Sequence property to the TabDefinition class, so you can manually set sequence of the tabs. This should fix the issue.

You can download latest dll from planned 1.5 release page (Downloads -> Other downloads -> Planned -> Release 1.5)

Hope this helps!