Project Description

Ribbon is a central SharePoint 2010 feature, but for developer it is not so handy, as for a user.

This project aims to provide fluent API for Ribbon creation and managing in SharePoint 2010.

With Fluent Ribbon API, you are able to create your SharePoint Ribbon from code in a handy way, without single line of XML!

This project contains following main features:

  1. ContextualWebpart - base class for webparts with contextual ribbon tabs
  2. RibbonLayoutsPage - base class for Application Pages with ribbon
  3. RibbonCustomAction - alternative way for ribbon custom action provisioning

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Getting started with Fluent Ribbon API

Here is a little how-to on using FluentRibbon project in your custom ribbon projects.

  1. Add reference to FluentRibbon.dll from your SharePoint project 
  2. Include FluentRibbon.dll in Package.package for GAC deploying ('Advanced' tab).
  3. Inherit either your webpart class or Application Page code behind class from corresponding FluentRibbon classes.
  4. Override ribbon definition method (GetContextualGroupDefinition or GetTabDefinition), and provide ribbon definition to FluentRibbon.
  5. Deploy

Definition classes are well-documented, so you'll get intellisense and summary notes on each property.


Documentation Site

Please, visit project documentation site, containing lots of samples, screenshots, MSDN-style API reference, and several articles about SharePoint Fluent Ribbon API.


How to contribute

Any contributions are welcome!

Also, you can tweet about Fluent Ribbon API project.

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